In Memory

Tom Schaidt

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03/08/12 05:46 PM #1    

Gary Salk

Tom was my friend.  Tom gave me my first car, a Renault Dauphine.  It died someplace on the Lake Michigan coast, and Tom said I could have it if I towed it off.  I talked my father into helping me haul it back across the state.  I spent the summer putting in a new engine, "fixing" the brakes, and then removing, re-gasgeting, and replacing the head about 6 times.  (I got so good at it I was doing it in the dark.)  But I got it to run--until the brakes failed on me and I crashed into a car at a stop sign in E. Lansing where I was going to school.

The car I hit rolled into, and locked bumpers with another car.   That car tried despiratelly to drive away, but couldn't  The cops showed up right away and got all 3 of the drivers into the squad car.  The cop gave me a couple of tickets, let the guy in the middle car go home, and said to the first driver, "Mr. Squires (I've never forgotten the name he used, "Etherlbert M. Squires") I'm going to issue you a citation for driving without a valid driver's licence.  I'm going to issue another citation for driving without proper registration of your vehicle.   I'm going to issue a third citation for driving without the licence plate issued to your car.   And, Mr. Squires, I'd like you to come with me to the station."  

I had hit a car that then rolled into and locked bumpers with a hot car!  Maybe that's why the judge let me off for court costs!

You not only gave me a car, but some great memories.  Thanks, Tom.

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