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Ronald Almas

Ronald Almas

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08/03/16 12:00 PM #1    

Ronald Stier

I first met Ron in the 7th grade and he was always the leader in haveing fun.  I bet most of his classmates can remember having some good times with Ron.  I certainly can!  He will be missed and his passing has saddened me greatly.  I wish the best for his family.

Rest in peace, Ron.

Ron Stier


08/04/16 01:52 PM #2    

Floyd Lampinen

I had a couple of classes with Ron.It hurts when classmates pass.

08/05/16 12:34 AM #3    

David Dionne

I remember Ron from riding the school bus one year while I was staying with my sister's family on Hamlin Road.  Ron was also good company and fun to be around.  I'll miss him too.  Just seems like I sent him a Happy Birthday wish in recent months and now he's gone.  My sincerest sympathies to Ron's family  

Anyone out there, please let me know what happened.  I live over 200 miles from Rochester now and I get very little home town news.  Dave

08/05/16 05:50 PM #4    

Marcia Braun (Sugg)

Not one mention of his neickname "Pinky", and I don't know he came by it, but that's what I called him.  There was always that twinkle in his eye...that devilishness that made us all alugh.  He, too, was in the Senior play, and was always clowning and keeping us smiling:)  Laughter...such a gift!  My heart gets heavier and heavaier with each notice of someone's passing.  We had such a great class!!

08/05/16 07:57 PM #5    

Robert (Dave) Wright

I met Ron In 6th Grade--"Doc" Valencia's class.  We became friends at that time and palled around with Eddie Dando, Graham Klintworth, Stan Robertson, and many others.  Eddie  tagged Ron as Pinky due to reddish hair and a sunburned face at the time.  A great bunch of guys who are and will be missed. 

08/06/16 05:57 PM #6    

Virginia (Jennifer) Stanley

At our class reunion Ron came up to me and asked if I remembered his nickname, "Pinky" of course! He left us too soon. R.I.P.

08/07/16 05:17 PM #7    

Philip Hall

I first met Ron in Mr Peter's home room class in the 7th grade in 1957 at Rochester Junior High School on Walten Blvd - yipe 59 years ago. I'm sure we were in many classes together, probably Miss Hoheisel's art class, Mrs Smith's English class and Mosers's history class. Another one bites the dust in the class of '62. RIP Ron. 

08/18/18 01:00 PM #8    

Gerald Olsen

#1. Smoked some reefer with Ron and "Honey" once, and Ron suddenly said, "I think I can tap dance".  He got up on my living room floor, and he started to tap dance!  He wasn't that good though, but he was funny :-).  #2.  Ron, Chris Allen, and Tim Brundage got into my parents house in '62 while they were away to church camp.  Me and Dave McDonald came back from a double date to find those 3 sitting in the my kitchen with a case of empty beer bottles sitting all over the place, and they were acting really drunk.  One bottle on the clock over the fridge they were throwing bottle caps at!  Chris was dropping his pants, saying he was going up town in his under wear!  Wow!  Finally got all the bottles picked up, put in Ronnie's Corvair Monza, and he peeled out the driveway.  Five minutes later Tim came running back saying,"Ron hit a parking meter on mains street".  Dave & I ran up there, didn't see him......hmmmmm.....soon all 3 guys came by in is car laughing at me and Mac.  It was all a big put-on, they weren't drunk at all...amazing.  #3.  Rode with Ron, Dando, Dave Smith(?), a cop from detroit, and ?, to a town west of lansing to watch a blacked out Lions game.  Lots to drink, Ronnie winning a fifth of whiskey.  Headin back on the e-way, a car pulled near us and for some reason(?), threw a beer can at Ron's car.  UH-OH!  The race was on, us chasing them up to 100 mph, off the e-way into Lansing, running red lights.  3 of us screaming at Ron to "STOP", he slammed on the breaks in front of MSU, and the cop(carrying a gun too), me and Smith exiting, and Ronnie off after those guys.  The cop walked across the street to get a Greyhound bus back to Detroit, Smith & I had to find our way back to Rochester and I'm not even going into that!  Statue of Limitations may not be over..............I worked for Ron and Hunk for a couple years, probably have more stories if I think about it more...........Maybe I better not  :-)  

06/19/21 11:26 AM #9    

William Korompay

Pinky was a close friend of mine. We had a great bunch of guys who were always more than willing to have a good time.  Ron was often the leader in the good times. I remember one time we had a few beers behind the house on Hamlin. We thought it would be a good idea to ride the cows. The cows were not in favor of the idea! In the winter, Ron would saddle up his horse and pull us behind on a toboggan. We later tried the same thing with a car doing the pulling. Because we both stayed in the area, we continued to share many memories.  Towards the end, he called and asked me to gather some of the guys to get together. By the time I was starting to do this, he was gone. I am so sorry Pinky. You will be missed by many.

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