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Christopher Allan

Christopher Allan

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05/20/15 01:09 PM #1    

Floyd Lampinen

I remember Chris and his family.They moved to the North end of Ludlow in the 1950's.I lived on the South end.God bless.

07/16/20 02:23 PM #2    

Gerald Olsen

lots of stories 'bout chris.  always on my ball teams, good guard.  close to him in 10th grade, wouldn't speak to me in 11th grade(?), best friends again in 12th grade.  he was a major player in pumpkin' ralphs.  me & chris in the grey ghost (opel) one late night in birmingham blowing up mailboxes with m-80s.  splitting for home, a cop passes us and turns around, chris says throw away those m-80s!  i took a rag we were using to wipe off his windshield, wrapped the m-80s in it and threw it on the back seat floor.  sure enough, cop stops us, shines his flashlight all over in the car, stops a second on that rag, then -whew! - lets us go!   last time anyone saw him, i think, his amx was being towed awy from korompay's apartment.

07/17/20 11:31 AM #3    

Dennis Kostecki (Class Of 1963)

Chris used to practice softball pitching against his parents' garage on Ludlow. Then he moved to Tienken Road.

Would hang on to the top of the "Grey Ghost" (Opel Kadette) while Chris would swerve all over the place trying to knock me off (great fun!). We ran track together and were part of the 440 Relay. I remember going with he and Jerry in Jerry's "Jesus Saves" church bus to downtown Detroit. I think we were going to the "Burlies" (the Empress Burlesqe Show) but got sidetracked for some reason. Can't believe I missed out on the infamous Ralph's pumpkin party. Thanks for the memories.

07/17/20 12:54 PM #4    

Ronald Stier

So sorry to hear of his passing.  After reading others comments it sound like I missed out on most of the fun with him.  I do remember him as a realy good guy and good at sports.  My best wishes to his family.

07/17/20 02:56 PM #5    

Floyd Lampinen

07/17/20 02:58 PM #6    

Floyd Lampinen

Chris's dog Speedy waiting for us in our six grade class. (1956)

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